Someone owes me money and is refusing to pay. What can I do?

If you have tried the usual remedies such as accounts rendered and reminder letters, you will probably need to apply for a judgment from a court or tribunal against the person owing you the money (the debtor). A Solicitor can do this for you.

But before doing this think about the costs; your Simpson Law will advise you whether it is financially worthwhile starting legal proceedings. Some debts are too small to justify the cost of legal action and in some cases if the debtor has no money and would not be able to pay, there is not much point in going to court.

We will claim interest as well as legal costs against the party who owes you money. The claim for interest continues from the date when your debt became overdue until you are paid. Court interest is always higher than bank interest. We can advise you about the amount of interest and costs you can recover.

Simpson Law can advise you on:

  • the best course of action if someone owes you money or claims you owe them money
  • the possibility of amicably resolving or reducing areas of dispute
  • about the possibilities of taking an action, defending an action or counter-claiming
  • you of the possibility of applying to the court for time to pay if you are in debt
  • you of your entitlement to retain some of your property if your debts exceed your assets and you face action to have you declared bankrupt
  • you on arrangements for payment of outstanding debts which do not involve bankruptcy

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